ANE’s team have marketable skills and have used these on a tactical basis to help cover overheads. Projects that have generated funds that have been deployed towards exploration include:


Alumni Risk Solutions is a company that is operating in partnership with Africa New Energies and was founded by close contacts of the founders of Africa New Energies. It is a South African company, specializing in the recovery of corporate and public sector taxes, while ensuring that all related financial and reporting risk to our clients is eliminated.

The team comprises of industry experts in the fields of finance and taxation.  Their mission is to develop and provide innovative, knowledge-based services through high quality partnerships to ensure sustainable empowerment of all stakeholders. The specialize in VAT recovery, review and reconciliation for local South African municipalities.


Brendon Raw is developing a GPRS-enabled smart meter for the South African electricity market.


Brendon Raw has consulted to Credit Suisse, Investec and Royal Bank of Scotland providing rapid application development code in the areas of derivatives reporting, project management and writing an extra-net site for investors.


A group company supplied specialized steel from the UK to South African owned Project iKwezi. Project iKwezi is the development of an offshore platform as an extension of Mossgas. They have a small LNG facility (36 000 barrels) that requires a supply. Ikwezi is designed to feed the onshore facility with offshore gas.

Stephen Larkin and Brendon Raw created the letters of credit and assisted in the arrangement for the exporting of steel to Cape Town from the UK and the profits from this venture were put towards the Africa New Energies exploration program.