Our vision

To bring transformative change in an ethical and socially responsible way.

Leverage local resources

Use natural resources like oil and gas reserves to benefit the communities that own them.

Invest in infrastructure

Use generated revenue to power positive social and economic change through job creation and infrastructure development.

Move towards self-sustainability

Continue to reinvest proceeds into developing renewable and sustainable energy alternatives for those communities.



  1. Ground-breaking Namibia pre-feasibility study

    Stephen Larkin secures funding to conduct a pre-feasibility study on how Namibia could electrify a country where a majority of the population has never had access to the grid.

  2. Solar identified as best solution

    Pre-feasibility study concludes that finding onshore natural gas, burning it to produce electricity, and using this revenue stream to fund a migration to on-grid and off-grid solar power is the best means of providing everyone with electricity.

  3. Africa New Energies founded

    Stephen Larkin and Brendon Raw found Africa New Energies to put the Namibia Gas-to-Solar strategy into operation.

  4. ANE secures Namibia concession

    ANE signs a Petroleum Exploration Licence with the Namibian government giving it exploration rights to a 22,000 square kilometre concession.

  5. Pre-drilling programme begins

    ANE begins a pre-drilling programme, collecting satellite remote sensing data, gathering information on hydrocarbon seeps, and carrying out geochemical sampling.

  6. Potential new hydrocarbons province

    Early-stage analysis concludes that Namibia has the potential to become a new petroleum province.

  7. Fund-raising steps up

    ANE embarks on the next stage of its fund-raising strategy to finance its Namibian drilling programme.

  8. Gyrocopters to survey concession

    ANE continues surface exploration, and working with a German manufacturer of Gyrocopters to survey the concession.

  9. Unsolicited bid values ANE at $500m

    ANE receives an unsolicited bid for 51% of the company from a US-based private equity firm valuing it at $500 million.

  10. Launch of Aziza crowdfunding platform

    Work begins in earnest to launch the Aziza cryptocurrency token to raise $60 million to fund a ten-well drilling programme.

  11. Concession licence extended

    Namibian government extends Petroleum Exploration Licence for another two years to 2020.

  12. Aziza plans private-public token offering

    Aziza to launch a private sale of tokens in September, with a public sale to follow.

  13. Purchase of first Gyrocopter

    ANE plans to buy a Gyrocopter by the end of the year to begin aerial surveying of concession.

  14. Drilling to commence first half of 2019

    ANE plans to drill the first of ten wells in the first half of the year.

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Namibia Optimistic About Energy Future

Namibia’s Ministry of Mines and Energy expressed confidence in its exploration prospects in an exclusive webinar on Friday, with a view toward catalyzing oil and gas as a tool for sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

ANE feature on BBC Newsday:
"It's a blessing to make a change in my community"

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