Stephen Larkin

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Stephen Larkin
Chief Executive Officer

Stephen Larkin is a chartered accountant by training, with a track record of technical innovation in the African energy industry. He started his career with traditional finance roles in Unilever, GE Capital and British Airways in the UK.

In 2004, he returned to his native South Africa, when he co-founded Nyper Networks, an industrial IT innovation company in mining sector, where he developed a track record in innovation using algorithms, rugged IT systems and Wi-Fi connectivity.

In 2008, he advised the government on the creation of the solar industry in South Africa. It was on the strength of this work that he was invited by the Namibian government to develop a National Stranded Natural Gas to Solar Strategy for that country funded by the UN. This work led to the forming of ANE to develop the surface exploration algorithm to solve Namibia’s energy crisis.